Rider Plugin Recommendations

A couple of plugins that I use in my day to day work.

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At work, I mostly write C# code using the great JetBrains Rider IDE. To add some features to the already great feature set I use some plugins that I will share in this article.

Cognitive Complexity

The Cognitive Complexity plugin tells you when your methods start to get out of hand. It calculates a score for each method that is based on the paper G. Ann Campbell in Cognitive Complexity - A new way of measuring understandability. This score is composed primarily of the nesting of statements and the control flow structures used in the method. The plugin gives you a nice badge above each method that indicates how complicated it seems according to its score. The score is updated while the code is written so you get instant feedback.

I like this plugin because it offers an objective rating of the complicatedness of a method which can be discussed with other developers. Like with every metric this one should not be used without thinking. Just because a method is rated “simple enough” by the plugin it does not mean that is not actually “very complex” and vice versa.

String Manipulation

All your String Manipulation needs will be satisfied by this one. It can do so many things: converting casing like PascalCase to snake_case, escaping text, encoding text, sorting lines, trimming, aligning multiple carets, converting dates, or even inserting a sequence of numbers. I do not need this often but when I do this plugin never disappoints me.

Nyan Progress Bar

Progress bars are boring and I have to admit that Rider does show them occasionally. To make the experience more entertaining I highly recommend installing the Nyan Progress Bar 🐈 and if you can’t get enough just visit nyan.cat.